Merry Christmas 2002

Merry Christmas!! Before I started writing this year, I read over my old Christmas Messages. Seems that every year I start by saying how I canít believe itís this time of year again, and that we have been so busy, that we havenít had time to see all of our friends. Looks like things havenít changed much! We have been very busy, time seems to be passing faster and faster, and we have many good friends whom we failed to visit with again this year.

Merry Christmas from Ted, Spencer, Laura, and Louise

I hope the 2002 Christmas Season finds you all in good health and good humor. While it takes a lot of time (that I donít have), I always enjoy putting together this Christmas letter, as it forces me to look back over the year, and appreciate how lucky we are. Thank you Aunt Norah for the early Christmas Card with the note which said "Iím looking forward to your Christmas Message and photoís Ė you canít stop now!" I guess she is right, so here goes Ė and as usual, better late than never (for those without email).  I went through our photo's, and have found way too many to put in a letter.  For those of you who got the "hard copy" - if you want to see more photo's you will have to go to someone with web access and tell them to click on  Sorry!!.

We had a lot of fun again this year.  Many of the same friends, and many new.  Sorry in advance to those who didn't make the cut.  Not enough space in this web page for everything, and we didn't take our camera everywhere...

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