Merry Christmas 2004

Merry Christmas!! I can't believe another year has gone by. We seem to be getting busier and busier. Both with the kids and at work. Laura and Spencer are in different activities every day of the week. Seems like all Lou and I do is taxi them back and forth. I hate to think how many miles we are putting on the vehicles going back and forth from the lake. I'm not complaining. They are enjoying all of the activities, and they are wonderful opportunities whether it be Volleyball, Running Club, Soccer, Air Cadets, Biathalone, drum lessons, drum ensemble, piano lessons, tap dance lessons, school play, concert band, jazz band, voice lessons, snowboarding club.......

It was a great year for us. We had a lot of fun, and everyone is healthy.

I hope you enjoy this years webpage/Christmas Letter. I have tried to include as many photo's as I can. The kids are growing up fast. Laura is now taller than Louise, although we keep telling her she is not. (I guess this lets the cat out of the bag!)

We hope that your year was as good as ours, and that you are enjoying the Christmas Season!!!


Merry Christmas from Louise, Laura, Ted and Spencer


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