Merry Christmas 2019!

I hope that this Christmas Letter/Website finds you all healthy and looking forward to 2020.
I remember doing planning for the year 2020 when I was an Engineer with the City of Camrose back in the 80's. It seemed very far off….. almost ridiculous….. Well, here we are. It would be interesting to pull out some of those 2020 plans to see how well we predicted everything.

We have had a very busy, wonderful, and sometimes difficult year. Louise is now fully retired so we are able to enjoy more traveling together, (which you can read about in the links below).

I did more RC Aircraft flying this year and have kept very active with my windsurfing and other watersports. Louise and I have also been enjoying a lot of cycling, both at home and away. This year, I put more miles on my road bike than I did on my Motorbike!

I am still doing some part-time consulting, and Louise is doing some as well for the same company. The projects are interesting, keep me in the loop, and help pay for some of our trips.

Merry Christmas from Frances, Laura, Spencer, Ted & Louise!
My parents, Bill and Muriel, have been in transition this year, first moving to an assisted living facility in St. Albert, and then each going through a number of serious health issues. As I write this, Mom is in the Sturgeon Hospital and Dad has just been transfered from the U of A Hospital to a long term, high level care facility in St. Albert. We hope that Mom will also be able to be placed soon, but it appears she will be staying in the hospital over the holidays. I don't believe either will be able to return to their suite in River Ridge, as the facility just cannot provide the level of care that they need. Both their physical and mental health seem to be in a rapid decline, particularly during the last two months. It has been a very difficult time for them, but also for Patty, who is the closest so involved the most, and also for Brian, Micky and I who are also trying to provide all the support we can.

On a much happier note, our daughter Laura announced her engagement to her partner, Frances MacDonald. They plan to have their wedding in Camrose this coming August. Louise and I are very happy for them and are looking forward to the big event.

As usual, you can read all about these and our other adventures on the pages below. Just follow the links. I hope that we can find a way to visit with all of you this year; but if we miss you, please remember that we are thinking of you.

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Ted, Louise, Laura and Spencer wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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