Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas! Welcome to our family web page / Christmas message. We put this site together every year to keep friends and family up to date on our family. It is also a great keepsake for us as we can look back through the years. I can't believe we have been doing it for 17 years.

I thought that I would have more time to relax in retirement, but while I have knocked off a couple of bucket list items, it has also been the busiest year of my life. You will have to check out my page to read all about it. Louise is still working at the school, but moved to a four day/week schedule this fall. She is enjoying the extra long weekends. Laura has finished her first year in England, and moved to Glasgow Scotland for her second year. She is having some amazing adventures and is enjoying the UK lifestyle. Spencer is also having fun. Between his Victory Motorcycle and his new Skidoo, he uses his time off to full advantage.

I always enjoy going through our photos when I am starting to put this site together. With Laura in England, and Spencer off on his own, I don't have many photos of them this year (other than photos from our trip to the UK to visit Laura), and we don't really have a family photo as we were never together all at once. That is something very different for us.

You can read about all of our adventures and look through our photos by clicking on the links (in blue) below. As always, I hope you enjoy looking at the photos, and reading about our family and what we have been up to this past year.

I am sorry if we didn't get to see you this year. Maybe we can do better next year. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Merry Christmas from Louise, Ted, Laura and Spencer!

Ted, Louise, Laura and Spencer wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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