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Hello & Merry Christmas!

Family - holidays - work . . . 2016 was a nice mix of these 3 things.

January was another trip to Huatulco - loved it! . . .

then February was back to work . . . Hmmm…. February & March were mostly spent at work :(

In April I had a fun weekend away - just "crafting" (stamping) - excellent!

May was another Rotary "hosting" experience for us, with visitors from Australia.

We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday in June. What a perfect day it was, at the farm! It was great to visit with so many of my cousins; several that I had not seen for 20+ years :) ….and the weather was perfect!

In July, Ted and I enjoyed several bike rides (both motorbike and road bike) - and a few nice days in the boat. Then on July 26, we headed to London - to see our girl!!!

At the farm for Dad's 80th Birthday!

Laura and I with "The Rock" in the background

Ted, Laura and I spent a week in Ireland. Wow! I loved every minute of it! It was great to have such a good visit with Laura . . . and everything we experienced was wonderful!

To start, I said we were going to see the "Rock of Cashel"... Ted and Laura were such good sports - never once questioning my itinerary. As we drew near to our first destination, Ted commented "hey look, there's a castle on that hill".... That was the Rock of Cashel... they seriously thought we were going to go see some "rock". ha, ha, ha...

Beautiful scenery everywhere - and I loved the time we spent, visiting with Desi & Janice! After Ireland, we returned to London for 6 days.

While Laura was busy at work - Ted and I were exploring the sites. It was fun to 'walk to work, with Laura' - and have some lovely evenings together. From there we headed south to visit Charles & Claire, in Bournemouth. Lots of sun & sand… & even a day of exploring on Brownsea Island.

Lunch with Charles and Claire on Brownsea Island

Louise and Charles in the snow, at the Farm

I returned to work, near the end of August. September flew by, as always, in the craziness at the school. . . but October brought Charles & Claire to us, for a welcomed visit.

Too bad we were hit with our first winter storm on Thanksgiving . . . but Charles & Claire had fun in the snow!

(big difference from when we saw them 7 weeks earlier)

October brought about a big change for me…. I'm now working a 4-day week!!!!! (Friday's off). . . loving it!

We were making changes at the school, as someone was retiring. I asked if I could give up some of my hours to the "new hire" - so I could start working a 4-day week.

Between my 4-day weeks …. and Ted doing most of the cooking…. I'm a happy camper!

....Ted & I .... on a snorkeling adventure

with Laura... in LONDON ...

vlogging with Laura

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

view of the Abbey, from Rock of Cashel

Beach in Bournemouth

Castle Combe village

Northern Ireland

Brighton Pier!

...heading to Brownsea Island...

I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas - and a wonderful New Year!

Merry Christmas!

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