Friends and Family
Friends and Family Flying with Dad Ted's Photos
Wetaskiwin Airshow Dunmanway UK Holiday with Laura

Friends and Family Thanksgiving at the Farm

Some Random photos of Friends and Family.

We visited the farm at Christmas. Amy and Kyle's daughter Isla was a big hit.

We are always very welcome at Bernie and Carmen's, and it is always so nice to catch up with all the family!

Ted and Louise Skidooing in February

Ted at the Edmonton Boat show
...trying a Hoverboard.
We had a very early spring this year. The ice was off the lake in early April. By the end of April, I had the boat in the water and we were looking forward to a great year!

Unfortunately the weather changed and we had a fairly cold and wet May and June. We were away for three weeks in July and August, and then I was in Hood River in September, so we probably used the boat less than any year since we got it.

Ted and Louise enjoying enjoying the deck in April

Change of Seasons - Out with the Boat, away with the Skidoo's.
My long time Air Cadet and Flying buddy Chris turned 60. He hosted a get-together in Alcomdale. I can't believe how fast time flys. It was 45 years ago when we started flying together.

It was very nice to see Chris, his wife Arlene, his kids, his Mom Carrie and our friends Liam and Kathy. We really need to figure out a way of seeing each other more often.

Chris turns 60 - I am not far behind....

Chris and his Mom

Chris and Liam
On a nice weekend morning, we sometimes watch our friend Blain fly either his Harvard or his Chipmunk down the lake valley. I always call him afterward to complain that he wasn't low enough, wasn't loud enough, wasn't fast enough and only flew past once. He is very sensitive to the noise he creates and is always afraid that people will complain. I only wish he would let me know ahead of time, so that I could have my camera gear ready. Usually I run for the gear as soon as I hear him, but I don't always get it set up in time.....

Blain enjoying a sunday morning!

Closeup - I told Blain he needs to start smiling for the camera!
Amy and Kyle organized a celebration for Isla's first Birthday in a park in Sherwood Park. Lots of family and friends attended. Isla was a big hit as usual and seemed to really enjoy demolishing her cake! Amy made special cupcakes for the occasion which were a real treat.

Isla enjoying her cake!

Louise with a special cupcake

Carmen and Isla
We had a little problem with moles this year. They made 24 mounds on the hill in the front yard. I evenually trapped two of them.

Ted - the great hunter

A vicious Man-Eating Mole
Thanksgiving at the Farm

Marc carving the turkey


Isla - showing off

Amy and Max



Sean and Isla

Isla and Grandpa Pierre


Brian and Lynn - dishing up!

Sean and Charles

Louise and Taylor

Claire having fun in the snow!

Charles making a snowman!

Charles and Claire playing in the snow

Toboggan ride, but no hill!

Louise and her brother Charles

Carter, Taylor and Lexy




Charles - Evel Knievel...

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