Spencer had another very busy year. Too busy, in fact to be able to take time to prepare his own page on our Family Website; so once again, I get to write it. I wonder if that will ever change.....

Spencer's year was defined by his bi-weekly adventures. He works 8 days on and then gets 6 days off. So every other week he tries to take the opportunity to go somewhere and so something special.

Over the winter he went on a number of snowbarding trips to places like Panorama and Kicking Horse. While he got some fresh powder at Panarama, Kicking Horse is still his favourite hill. He and his friends hiked up K1 and K2 for some amazing views, and of course great snowboarding on the way back down!

Spence also went to Sicamous with his cousin Devon, to try some mountain sledding. They had a great time, and I think Spencer is hooked.

In June, Spencer and Tara decided to separate. I think they had been growing apart, and Tara was planning to go to Ottawa for two years to continue her studies.

We were very sorry to see this happen. While probably for the best, we will miss Tara, and her dog, Lady. Lady had been spending quite a bit of time with us, so losing her left a particularly big hole in our home.

Spencer at the top of T-1, Kicking Horse Resort
(The sign says "pee here")

Spencer with his Victory Vegas 8-Ball Motorcycle
In July, Spencer purchased a Victory Vegas 8-Ball motorcycle. It is a 106 cubic inch (1731cc) low rider motorcycle. Spencer likes it clean, with no faring or bags. I guess when you are young you don't mind bugs in your teeth.

I was able to go on a few short rides this summer with Spencer and his friends which was a lot of fun. I hope we can do more next year.

Spencer also went on a few longer motorcycle adventures, with a couple of trips to Cold Lake to visit his friend Cody; and another to Kelowna, to visit Cam and Brittany - then on to Vancouver to visit another friend, Sasko. It sounds like he had a great time, and is definitely hooked on motorcycles.

In August, Spencer and his cousins attended Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose. This has become an annual party, but is one of those events that looks like fun - but Dad and Mom don't want to know a lot of details.

Spencer also travelled to Vernon with some friends, including cousins Sean and Devon. They stayed at his uncle Pierre's condo and were able to use his boat! Again it sounds like they had a great time; but Mom and Dad don't know, and really don't want to know, the details.

Spencer SUP'ing in Vancover with a buddy.

Spencer's Slowpitch Team - the Broken Bats.

In September, Spencer took in a couple of roommates to help pay for the house expenses. Dylan is a cousin of a long-time friend of Spencer's, and Jess is a young lady who had decided that it was time to move out of her mother's house. They all seem to get along really well.

Spencer, who always enjoys his sports, played on a Slow Pitch team this summer. They enjoyed their weekend tournaments, as well as the season play.

Spencer and his friends also joined the Camrose Adult Volleyball League with a team. I am sure they would have invited me to play on the team, but I am away most of the winter, so wouldn't have been much help.

In the fall, Spencer started looking for a Snow Mobile. He finally settled on a 2015 Skidoo. It had only 800km on it and was still going to be under warranty for another two years. It is an 800cc Skidoo Summit X with a 154 inch track - a pure mountain sled with the automatic fuel injection which compensates for altitude and electronic reverse. Dad is very jealous...

He took it up to the mountains with Devon for the first time in December, and had a blast.

He has a snowboard rack installed on the back of it, so he hopes to be able to use it to do some back country snowboarding - although to do that he has to find a buddy who wants to do the same thing so they can trade off driving each other to the top.

Spencer with his new Skidoo

Spencer wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Boating with cousins Sean and Devon, and friend Jordan.

Spencer and Devon Skidooing in the Mountains with friends!

Spencer boarding in Panorama

Haloween - Spencer as Negan
from the Walking Dead

First time blood donor

Spencer with friends at the top of the hike up from the chair at Panorama

First ride with Dad!

Glassy water in the Okanogan!

Spencer at the Porkapaluza Concert in Edmonton
With the lead singer of "The Dudes".

Spencer in Kelowna with Cam, Brittany and friends.

Bike ride with friends...

Stopping at the Tofield Garage for a bite and a cold one!

Gopro Hero Cam

Spencer and Sasko in Vancouver

Getting an Ice Cream in Vernon.

The Skidoo (and Snowboard) ready for another day!

Somewhere North of Two Hills

On the way to Cold Lake

Victory - Vegas 8-Ball

Spencer, and his roommates, Jess and Dylan, wish you a Merry Christmas!

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