Ted and I had some quiet time after Christmas last year... as Laura headed to Vancouver for a week with Carlisles,  Spencer went home with Devon for a week, and Celine (our Belgium exchange-student) headed off to her next home!!!  

Unfortunately things started to get a bit crazy at the start of February.  Our full-time secretary at the school decided not to show up one day - she had had enough.  Since then I've been doing 1.5 jobs - yuck.  The good news is, as of this past week I've got some help in the office!... I can notice the difference already... which is good - because it really is a great job.  

This past week was the annual Christmas production at our school ... During the final dress rehearsal, as Santa (a grade 6 student)  held the microphone in his one hand and a bag of toys in his other - his pants fell down... And then later that day - during the performance - 'poof' the power went out (40 minutes).  I tell you, life is not dull at the school.   

Once again Ted & I  hit the slopes with Laura & Spencer at Sunshine in April - I always love that trip.  


My brother, Charles, returned from his stint on the cruise ship in April... but he was not alone!  Charles & Claire (from England)  met on board the ship - and they've each made a couple of trips to the other's country since then.    

Our summer was excellent.  Another fun trip to Nitinat .. and lots of time on the water at home...   

Our family enjoyed hosting Nagisa & Nariko from Japan (billets arranged thru the high school) for a few days in October  ... 

Ted and I also enjoyed watching Spencer's volleyball team this Fall.  

Ted and I are looking forward to going away this coming Spring ... We are booked to go windsurfing at the Vela Resort on the Isle de Margarita... and I'm currently taking a Spanish class.  Hmmm.... guess that's all for now.  

Hope you all have a wonderful 2007!

Feliz Navida!!!



Mom and Laura - Rabbit Hill

Anita, Lou and Lisa "Girls Night Out"

Missing Lili, who is in the Caribbean for 2 years...

Lou loves tubing!!!

Ski/Boarder Bunnies at Rabbit Hill - Lorie and Louise

Holding Hats and Jackets - WEM Rollercoaster!

...with friends at Nitinat


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