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Summer Canada Day Deck
Nitinat Chris's 50th Dad's Tigermoth
Liam and Kathy Rabbit Hill Japanese Exchange - Nari and Nagisa


Lots of friends came to visit this summer.  Short and no wind :<(  ... but it was generally pretty nice so lots of water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing :<).

Lorie, Jim, Zak, and Sam came out to try out their new boat.  Jim did a fabulous restoration job on it.

Spencer and Kevin had great fun tubing, and Laura had many friends out - including her work group from the local theater.

Spencer and Zak

Jim and Lorie - Nice Boat! Sam Tubing!!

Spencer and Kevin - No Hands!!

Spencer and Devon in Devon's boat! Cousin Devon Wakeboarding - Lake Isle

Ted Sailing Paulette driving their new Wakeboard Boat!

Canada Day

Our friends Lorie and Jim hosted Canada Day again.  Lorie organized some Crafty Painting to create Canada Day Towels.  

A big water fight again.  Good thing we had the motorhome so a fresh change of clothes. 

A great day - good food - good friends - lots of fun.



Jim - BB'Q Master!

Towel Painting... Lorie


Building the Deck - Thanks Pepere

Pepere showed up with a load of lumber one day and announced that we were going to remove the old dog house and construct a small deck.  Spencer and Ted helped - it looks great!  Thanks Pepere!!

Nitinat Lake on Vancouver Island - 2006

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Every year we go to Nitinat lake for our summer holiday.  It is in the Old Growth Rain Forests on Vancouver Island.  Very pretty, but also very basic - no services.  It is a great windsurfing place as the wind comes up almost every day at noon and blows about 40kph until dark.  

As there are no formal campsites, everyone just sort of parks.  When the weather is good and the campsite gets crowded everyone is sort of on top of each other - with many informal campsites on the road, or even the walkway to the outhouse.

In spite of all this, everyone seems to get along, and has a lot of fun.  All  the windsurf gear is left on the beach each night - ready for the next day's sailing.

The weather is usually quite cool - but this year we had many sunny warm days.

It seems like we know almost everyone in the campsite.  We have many friends that we see there every year.  With Laura graduating this year - I'm not sure how many more years we will be able to go with the whole family, but the plan is to return in 2007.


Some of our Nitinat Friends

Ted, Spencer, Louise, Scott, Carolyn, Caitlyn, Jen, Tim (with Quinn on top), Val, & Laura

Caitlyn, Laura and Quinn Caitlyn windsurfing

Laura, Caitlyn and Spencer - one of many campfires! Friends Carolyn and Michelle

Friends Ian, Sheila, and Judy Jen, Mardi, and Carolyn

Judy sailing with daughter Zoe Judy - stoked!

Laura - waiting for the ferry to leave Mark - planing in almost no wind.....

Another Campfire - Jessica, Sheila, Caitlyn, Spencer and Owen Peter - taking a break!

Owen and Toni Quinn

Ted, Quinn and Val Rhegan and Jon - in "the Caves"

Rhegan - Performing in the Forest! Zoe and Robin - adding embers to the eyes of the wind god

Sheila Sheila windsurfing

Tim - carving another perfect Jibe Val - stealing Tim's board!

Zoe and Caitlyn

Caving Expedition

Spencer, Rhegan, Laura, Caitlyn, Zoe (Front), Jessica (Back), Mia, Robin, Toni, Owen

Chris's 50 Birthday Party --- <Click Here for more photos of Chris's 50th>

Chris getting a Shave for this 50th Birthday Scottie, Carrie, Chris and Grandson Hayden

Dad's RC Tigermoth 

Fall 2006 Assembly - all 4 wings must be attached each time.
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Liam and Kathy

Liam's new Cesna 182 - Fly-in Breakfast 06 Kathy with Maza - Airshow Weekend

Rabbit Hill

Louise, Lorie and Laura at Rabbit Hill Sam taking a break!

Japanese Exchange - Nagisa and Nagi

In October, the local high school hosted some Japanese students.  Nagisa and Nari stayed at our house for 4 nights.  They were wonderful girls.  Unfortunately they did not speak English, and we don't speak Japanese.  We had a lot of fun trying to communicate.  They were impressed with how cold it was when we had our camp fire (-5).  Because of their very busy schedule with the high school, we didn't get to tour them around much.  We did take them to West Edmonton Mall on their last night.  Even talked Nari into riding the roller coaster!  I hope they had fun at our house.  We sure enjoyed their stay.

Nagisa, Laura and Nari - Welcome to Camrose Nagisa and Nari - Campfire

Nari and Nagisa Laura, Nari, Spencer and Nagisa

Nari Laura and Nari - heading for the West Edmonton Mall Rollercoaster Nagisa

Nari WEM Roller Coaster


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