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Merry Christmas!!  We had another great year.  In spite of being very busy at work, we were able to do lots of things as a family.  (This is the same first line I used last year - I don't know how to say it any better...)

I have been extremely busy at work as usual.  I thought we had a busy year last year (we had a record year for growth at $35 million dollars construction value).  This year we will be over $100 Million)

We did lots of snow boarding last winter, and have joined Rabbit Hill again this year.  I thought the kids had maybe out grown the local hill, but both insisted that we join again this year.  We got to the mountains (Sunshine) last spring, and we are hoping to go again this year.  That is a wonderful weekend - that we all really enjoy as a family. (Sunshine Photos)

Spencer and I also did some "Kiteboarding" in the winter.  This is similar to windsurfing except you use a large kite, and you do it on the snow - Spencer on a snowboard and I on skies.  Lots of fun and you can go way to fast (not fast enough for Spencer).  Looking forward to trying it more this year.  

In March and April I helped out with coaching Badminton at the local High School.  It was a lot of fun.  I used to play quite competitively, but it has been a long time.  I'm looking forward to it again this year.  

Liam and Kathy came out for the Camrose Fly-In Breakfast again this year.  Liam has a new plane (well, new to him) - a Cesna 182.  Much faster than his old Cherokee 140.  We are looking forward to more visits.

Summer was busy both at work and home.  We did lots of waterskiing and wakeboarding.  I went to Hood River Oregon twice (spring and fall) with the Edmonton gang and had some great windsurfing.  

My friend Chris turned 50 this year - and had a great party in Alcomdale.  (link to photo's).  Thanks Chris.

We had our usual NITINAT holiday on Vancouver Island again in July - lots of friends and sailing.


Bide Ride in February 06 (1972 Honda 750k)


Ready for Kiteboarding on the Lake

Spencer wouldn't let me help coach the grade 9 Volleyball Team this year (he wanted to "do it himself").  I missed the coaching, but had fun watching and taking photo's.  There are lots of photos of his team on http://s147.photobucket.com/albums/r282/cks-cougars/ (When it asks you for a password, type "cks").

Spencer did very well as the starting setter.  Like me, he is going to sprout up later than most - so he is still one of the shorter kids in his grade.  I imagine that will start to change next year.

I have continued to take lots of photo's, and movies.  Even got a photo published in a book called "Alberta's Centennial - A Celebration" - Unfortunately I had to buy my own copy.... Some photo's of interesting City events are at this link.

I have been experimenting with 3d photo's "Anaglyph's", but you need red-cyan glasses to view them.  Some of the better ones are on my photo website <click here >.  

Louise and I have been going to the running track on a (semi) regular basis.  I am trying to get in better shape - both for my Badminton Coaching (always better when you can out play the kids), and a holiday that we have planned.  For my 50th birthday in April, Louise and I are going on a windsurfing holiday to Margarita , which is an island off the coast of Venezuela.  Lou got an extra week off work, so we are going for two weeks.  Some of the Edmonton windsurfing gang go there every year -and we are hoping some will be joining us there.  


Next year should be very interesting.  Work will be extremely busy, and there will be lots of retirements, so some possible opportunities, and much training to do with the new guy's.  Laura will be graduating in June - so that will be a new experience, and it looks like at least one more year for Nitinat with the kids (I hope the motorhome holds together...).

I hope that you are all well.  I apologize to all of my friends that I didn't get to see in 2006.  I hope we can get together in 2007.

See you soon!


Ted and Louise at the "Camrose Police 50th Anniversary Ball"



King of the Tube - fighting with Spencer and Kevin Sunshine Peaks - double black Border...

Camrose High School Badminton Team 2006 - I coached Singles and Mixed Doubles.

 "The Wall"  Sailing my small board (Very Windy) "Swell City" on a No-Wind Day.  (My new Hucker Sail!)

  <Spring Photo's>   Windsurfing in the Gorge -   <Fall Photo's>

Fall Gorge Trip - Top: Brad, Mike, Ross, Jerry, Andreas, Big Jim, Kent

Bottom: Harold,  Big Wind Jim, Blaine, Ted

Yes - I am the only one using the van.....Hood River Fall 06

Sailing at Nitinat 2006 Nitinat - New "Hucker" sail...

Videographers (Spencer and Dad) - on the beach - Nitinat.


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