Spencer figures that maybe next year he will write his own page.  It's sort of a balance between - a lot of work putting the page together vs what embarrassing things is Dad going to say about me if I don't do it...

Spencer is growing up fast. He is in Grade 9 this year.  His voice is getting a bit deeper, and he is getting a bit taller, although I think he will be like me - and not really start growing until high school.  

Spencer turned 14 March 14, 2006.  I picked him up from school at noon and drove him over the the license bureau, where he wrote and passed his "Learners License" test.  He drove the van back to school, and was pleased with himself when a couple of his teachers saw him driving into the parking lot!!.  He has been driving quite a bit since.

Spencer likes his sports!!!  One of the problems with living where we do - is that there are just too many fun things to do --- much more fun than Air Cadets or Schoolwork, or Homework....

Spencer's schedule is very hectic between school, school sports - Badmintion, Volleyball, Drum lessons, Big Drum, Air Cadets, Thursday Night Badminton with Dad, and Snowboarding on the weekend.

When he does have free time, he is building snowboard jumps and rails on our hill with his friend Cam, or snowmobiling with his friend Cody.  

We still have our old skidoo's, but haven't been using them as much - partly due to weather (Not as much snow the past few years), partly due to Snowboarding every Saturday, and partly just because we are busy.

This past summer Spencer spent a lot of of time wakeboarding.  He is getting quite good.  Of course our boat doesn't generate big enough waves, and the tow rope isn't mounted high enough.... tough life...

He was out to visit Cousin Devon several times last summer and they have lots of fun together.  Devon has been taking some wakeboard coaching - and some is rubbing off on Spencer.

We all went to Nitinat again this summer for a windsurfing holiday.  Spencer has really been improving and even made a couple of Jibes (180 degree turns downwind going from one tack to another without falling in).

He is at that magic size where he has all the strength he needs, but almost no weight.  He was out sailing in some REALLY windy conditions this year at Nitinat.  It's lots of fun blasting across the lake with him.

This year will be really interesting.  If he has the same improvement as the last couple of years he will be passing Louise and I may start having trouble keeping ahead...


This year Spencer decided to quit cross country running and Biathlon.  I guess you can only do so many things...

Spencer is till playing Sax in the school band and drums in the Jazz band.  He is also still taking his Drum lessons, and still plays each week with the "Big Drum Ensemble".  He is hoping to play more percussion in the Band and Jazz band next year.

I have a lot of fun watching and being around Spencer and his friends.  They are all typical teenagers - growing up fast and turning into young adults (sometimes they even act like it).

Spencer wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.


Spencer - Double Black Run at Sunshine Spencer Kiteboarding on the lake at home.

Spencer with his new Kite - Kiteboarding on the lake at home.

GT Racers - at Spencer's 14th Birthday Party

Spencer in old Camper OOPS - Skidoo Crash - Wrote off the old TNT

Biathlon Team - last season. CO's Choice Award!

Big Drum

Ready for the serve

Blocking with Cody

Spencer's Volleyball Team - Spencer was the Starting Setter
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Spencer and Kevin Tubing

SPENCER   Wakeboarding

Spencer Windsurfing at Nitinat


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