Laura turned 14 this November. She now wants to get her learners license.  The scary part is the licensing bureau will likely give it to her...  Laura is almost as tall as her mom, and in may ways is really starting to turn into a young adult.  Unfortunately, in other ways she is regressing to the mind typical two year old "TEENAGER". She changed schools again this year, and is now in Grade 9 at the High School.  (This is the last year of the 9-12 program - they will be moving the 9's back to Charlie Killam next year).  Laura really likes the school and most (some) of her teachers.  Laura is still very musical.  She gravitates to the Piano, and gets real pleasure out of playing it.  She is also in her fourth year playing trumpet, and is doing very well in the Grade Nine Concert band and Junior Jazz band at the High School.  The Band teacher, Tom Spila is excellent, and is always  winning provincial championships with his Chorus, Band and Jazz groups.  Laura is really looking forward to the next few years.

Laura was selected for the honor band last fall, and has been asked to try out again this year.

Laura quit Air Cadets this year - they were just too unorganized last year which was a disappointment to all of us.  She surprised us this fall by trying out for (and being selected for) the grade nine volleyball team.  I think she had fun, and hope she will try again next year.  She also joined a tap dance class with one of her friends this fall.  

This summer, Laura started to really get the hang of Slalom Skiing, and Windsurfing.  She was even doing "Beach Starts" by the end of our holiday at Nitinat.

Laura has really progressed with her snowboarding.  I don't know how long I'll be able to keep up.  

Laura's friend Caitlyn (from Whiterock), is coming to visit over the Christmas Holidays.  Laura has a "Countdown" updated daily on a wall in her bedroom.  We are all looking forward to her visit. 

Laura Snowboarding at Rabbit Hill

Laura, Amy, Taylor, Fallon

Andrea and Laura

Laura's Night of the Notables Presentation - Grade 8

Laura - Anastasia Romanov

Anna - Anna Pavovala

Andrea - Florence Nightinggail

Amy - Anne Frank

Meghan - Anne Bolin

Laura, Rhegan, Caitlyn, Jen Laura in Nanimo River

Caitlyn, Jen and Laura at Nitinat Laura Holding up the rocks!!

Click Here to Hear Laura Play the theme from 

"Beauty and the Beast" - Xmas Concert 2003 (1.3M)

Caitlyn Skiing at Nitinat - First Time!!!



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