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Christmas 2002

My mom and Sister Patty, sing with the St. Albert Singers Guild.  Every Christmas, they put on a Christmas concert.  Part of the tradition is that our family picks up Aunt Cay and her friend Linda at their home near the university, and bring them to the Concert.  Cay insists on buying supper on the way home - but the only thing the kids want to eat is Wendy's Fast Food.  Cay and Linda are a special pair.  We really enjoy being with them on this special occasion.   Mom and Patty have a great time with the Guild.  Patty just beams through the whole concert.

Pepere's Birthday

Laura and Pepere  Memere, Pepere and Laura


Our neighbours, Ron, Viv, and family Kait, Lise, and Melanie were in Colima, Colima for the year working on a Rotary project. Ron is a cabinet maker, so he has set up a shop and taught the kids how to make furniture.  Hopefully they are now an operational furniture company which is sustainable. Viv did lots of things from teaching sewing, to learning local crafts, to working with the kids. Their girls (age 13-17) were enrolled in a combination of On-Line learning with the school back home, and the local Mexican schools. They arrived home this past summer.  It's great to have them back.


The rest of the Neighbours sending a 2002 Christmas Wish to Mexico

Brother Brian with Fallon and Brian's 72 Mustang Mach I

Friend Lisa scaring the kids at Halloween

You can't see the dry ice smoke coming from the caldron on the table!!

Grandpa's new Bike

Can you believe Grandpa (Bill) bought a new motorbike - I certainly didn't at first.  I moved my old Honda up to St. Albert and stored it in his garage, so I could come up every week or so and go for a ride.  Dad has all the routes figured out where there is the least traffic.  We had lots of good rides all around St. Albert.  Looking forward to next season!!!

Grandpa's new toy - 800 Suzuki Volusia

Ted and Spencer on 72 Honda 750 with Grandpa

Family Holiday - Nitinat Lake on Vancouver Island - 2003

We went to Nitinat for our summer holiday again this year.  The weather was great for the second year in a row, and once again we met many old and new friends.  I'm not sure which I enjoy more; the Sailing, or sipping wine on the beach in the evening, watching the sunset with all our friends, talking about the sailing.

Spencer and Laura have really improved their windsurfing skills.  I think they are starting to get old enough to understand what is going on, and strong enough to master it.  Louise was also impressing us with completing a lot of her Jibes.

The Beach at Nitinat Lake B.C.

We had lots of fun with our jet ski this year.  I took the kids exploring some of the rivers, as well as the cliffs and islands along the shores of the lake.  I even took Louise on a couple of "adventures".  The kids had lots of fun water-skiing behind the jetski in the mornings before the wind picked up.

We had some truck trouble on the way back - just too hot and too heavy a load - but the old Dodge made it in the end.  We then ran into the fires at Barriere and had to turn around and backtrack to the Trans-Canada.  (They closed Hwy 16 about 2 minutes ahead of us - and it stayed closed for a couple of weeks.)

Sails rigged and ready to go!


Our Nitinat Friends

Back Row, Ted & Laura; 

Front Row,  Scott, Tim, Carolyn, Caitlyn, Spencer, Louise, Michelle, Rhegan, Dawson (getting his nose scratched), Jen, Jon, & Val


Caitlyn driving the JetSki Jen - Fully Powered Caitlyn - Laura in Background

We missed WIRED this year because it was moved back a week so as not to conflict with the Canadian National in Squamish. Wired is always lots of fun, but also very crowded.  Some of our friends competed in the Canadian Nationals and did very well.  Congrats to Mark, Paul, and Jeff.

Toni - Birthday Girl! Dennis - Captain Safety

Laura Spencer

Airshow Weekend

On the way home we stopped in Red Deer for the Annual Airshow weekend at Liam's.  As the truck trouble had  made us late by a day, and the Fires in Barriere had forced us south so we were driving right by Red Deer, we didn't get to go home and shower first.  Lou always hates getting out of the camper after three weeks in the bush to visit with all the other girls who are fresh from home.  Liam was on assignment in Holland for the year, so had to make special arrangements to be back home for our reunion.  As usual everyone had a wonderful time, and the airshow was great.  Thanks to Liam (chairman of the Red Deer Airport Authority), we had front row seats.  Of course I went both days.

The Boys - 30 Years in Aviation!  Thanks for the Tee Shirts Wayne!

Spencer - walking the Rail at Liam's!

Deirdra - dropping in for a visit! Laura - listening to tall tales!!

  Wayne and Lori - Found at last!!! Shooting the Breeze!!

Gail, Louise, and Cindy Kathy and Gail Chris and Gail at Jason's Wedding

Some very sad news towards the end of the year; our dear friend Gail passed away suddenly.  She will be missed by all of us.  Our thoughts and hearts go out to George who is missing her most.  We love you Gail...


Thanksgiving Weekend at Bernie's

Thanksgiving Weekend at Bernie's - The whole clan was there (except Sean & Lynn).

Top:  Spencer, Devon, Pierre, Charles

Middle;  Laura, Fallon, Marc, Carter

Bottom; Brian, Paulette, Leroy's Butt, Ted, Louise, Amy, Tina, Taylor, Carmen, and Bernie