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Merry Christmas!!  I have had a very busy year again in 2003 - but also lots of fun.  Spencer and I are getting to be pretty good snowboarders, and Laura & Mom aren't far behind.  While I didn't get much windsurfing at home this year, we had great weather at Nitinat Lake this year, and I also got away for two trips to the Gorge with a great group of guy's from Edmonton.  Imagine 8-10 guys renting a house two blocks from downtown and doing nothing but windsurfing and partying for a whole week--(twice, once in the Spring and once in the Fall).  Reality sets in as at 46 I was one of the youngest in the group - so the partying wasn't all that wild.  I think there was as much Ibuprofen as beer consumed.  We went to Nitinat in July again, so we had all August at home, and really enjoyed the lake.  Laura and Spencer are getting very good at slalom skiing - although Spencer wants to start wakeboarding so he can compete with his cousin Devon.

While I'm still not back actively flying again, I did manage a ride in our neighbour Deirdra's helicopter, got a chance to fly Ron's Citaborea, Neil's Bonanza, Liam's Cherokee 140, took in two air shows (Red Deer & Comox), and visited the Evergreen Aviation Museum in Portland (I touched both the Spruce Goose, and the SR-71 Blackbird - Quite a thrill).  I didn't get in much Kiteboarding this year.  Partly due to weather and conditions, and probably partly because it scares me to death.  Andreas is still pushing me to learn, and I still want to get to the point where I can do it, before I decide if I will continue.  Like any sport, the pro's make it look easy - but getting there seems to be a scarier process than most sports I have tried.

I had to quit volleyball this winter to allow me to spend more time with Lou and the Kids.  With all the activities they are in, it is quite a load - just running the taxi service back and forth to town.  I miss the guys, but I'm still trying to play pickup games now and then to stay in shape.  

Camrose is still growing rapidly and we are very busy at work.  They're planning an organizational review in 2004 - so either I may get some help, or they'll decide they don't need me....

Hope we see you soon!


Snowbirds - Red Deer

SR-71 Tail Section Blackbird

Harvard under wing of Spruce Goose F-15 Eagle with P-51 Mustang - Comox Ugliest Aircraft Ever

Spring Gorge Trip

Cam & Cynthia, Jim, Andreas, Harold, Blaine, Mike, Ted

Van's Loaded - at max we had one van for 2 people! Rufus - Oregon, on Columbia River


Spencer and Dad on Nanimo River


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