Spencer turned 11 in March, and is in grade 6.  He enjoys all sports and is very active.  He is doing well enough in the academic side especially Math and Science.  Spencer played indoor soccer last season, but we decided not to join this year so we could spend more time Snowboarding.  We spent 22 days at Rabbit Hill last season, and have already been 7 times this year. Spencer is enrolled in an "Extreme Snowboard Club" this season, which will give him 9 full days of lessons and coaching.  If I am having a hard time keeping up now, I won't have a chance by the end of the season.

Spencer has been having fun will all the school sports teams, including Badminton, Volleyball, Flag Football and many more.

Spencer has been continuing with his drum lessons, and is also playing the Saxophone with the Grade 6 Band.

This summer, Spencer really started to get the hang of slalom skiing although what he really wants to do is wakeboard so he can compete with his cousin Devon.

At Nitinat, he was having lots of fun windsurfing.  Both he and Laura are getting out in a lot more wind, and Spencer was even starting to "hook in" and use the harness.

Each year we build a skating rink on the lake in front of the house, and Spencer is the one who uses it the most.  There are two Boys now in our neighbourhood, so the three of them are always out skating or inside playing computer games.  

Spencer decided this fall to use up his life savings and buy a Nintendo Game Cube; so if anyone wants to know what to get him for Christmas or his birthday, a game or controller would be his first choice! 

Spencer's Soccer Team - with Coach Dad Spring Soccer League - "I'm going to get that ball!!!"

Spencer checking out the F-16 Falcon - Comox Spencer getting a lift from a Seaking Helicopter - Comox

Spencer - School Patrol 2003 Spencer "Stumped" at Nitinat

Hangin' with Pepere Friend Ben - and Spencer at Halloween 2003

Spencer & Ben

Spencer and Brent - Ice Fishing 

Spencer with cousin Carter Spencer in Neighbour Deirdra's Helicopter at Liams in Red Deer

Spencer Grade 6

Spencer -Devon, Brian and Instructor Joel

Extreme Snowboard Club - Rabbit Hill 03/04


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