Louise / Mom

Wow - another year has come and gone.  Ted and I zipped away to Huatulco in January...  just after my 50th Birthday (yikes) - and, once again, it was a wonderful holiday.   I love the snorkeling, reading - and lack of cooking!  

We had fun at home too - and even managed to go skiidooing with Paulette & Brian at Lake Isle.  

Never a dull day at the school :- )    The kids are great - just not enough hours in the day.  

I had a fun break in May with Paulette & Sandy - when we flew to Las Vegas for a few days. More info on our Holiday Page.

We managed a few trips to visit Spencer in Calgary - and to transport his belongings back and forth.   It's always a good reason to visit with Paulette & Brian in Airdrie - or with Marc & Tina.  This past Fall we got to check out Marc & Tina's spot at Ghost Lake - loved it! 

Rosebud is another spot we visit frequently throughout the year.  What a wonderful community for Laura to be a part of!    Whether it is going down for a performance (which we always enjoy) - or just a visit - Rosebud is fun!   Excellent performances - fun shopping - great food!  

Spencer was based from home for the summer - and Laura came home most weekends.  We had lots of fun on the water with the kids - their friends -  and our friends.  Ted and I also had fun on our motorbike trips - despite the wind.  

Louise and her sister Paulette
Skidooing at Brian and Paulette's Lake

The Boat
At the end of August we hosted Chris & Leslie who were here as part of a Rotary Friendship Exchange. It was just for a couple of days - but lots of fun!  More photos are on our Friends and Family Page.

Although Ted was away for our anniversary in October - he surprised me with a photo book he'd made ... a wedding albumn, of sorts :- )

You can view it here...The Book!

This Fall has just flown by - but I'm looking forward to my Christmas break.... Having the kids home - and getting a few things done around the house.  

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Louise and our neighbours grandson

Still cutting a mean swath...

Louise ready for another Motorbike Trip!

Louise on SUP

(Stand Up Paddle Board)

Laura and Louise

Warm weather in Mexico
Celebrating my 50th Birthday with friends!

A girl's Getaway in Vegas...
Elvis, Sandy, Louise, Paulette, and Elvis!

Louise loves her flowers.......and sunsets...

Spider web in our tree....

For extra fun - have a look at our Christmas Past !!!

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