Once again, Spencer put his trust in Louise and I to prepare his Christmas page.  While he is taking some risk (as we can now say whatever we want), it also means he doesn't have to do it, which probably helps out with his busy schedule of studying, partying, girls (or girl), volleyball and snow boarding......

Last spring he completed his first year at the University of Calgary, but his second year of science with a major in Kinesiology.  He had a good year.

He played intramural Volleyball with his friend Cody and he became a junior executive on the
 U of C ski Club (which means he helped to organize their parties, ski trips and other activities - and got cut rates on booze and trips...).

He also must have done some studying, as we got notice this Fall that he made the Dean's List, and we were able to attend a ceremony with him at U of C where he and the other Dean's list students were honoured.
Tragedy struck twice within a year, as Spencer lost two of his childhood friends.  First PJ Bailey was killed in a car accident in September 2011, an incredibly talented kid who was good at school, but also everything to do with music and dance and sports.  

Then in May this year, EJ Westerneng, another friend, drowned in a freak family fishing boat accident on Coal Lake between Camrose and Wetaskiwin.  EJ was an Air Cadet with Spencer and good friend when they were younger.  We all have many fond memories of both kids and it was shocking and sad to all of us, but I think it was particularly hard on Spencer and his friends.

What a terrible loss when young people with so much potential are lost... may they rest in peace.

Last summer, Spencer decided to try working for an oil rig service company - Precision Drilling, which has several of their service rigs based out of Camrose. The pay was very good, but unfortunately the summer is not their busiest time, so the work was on and off.  Several times Spencer went off for what he thought would be a couple of weeks, but was then back within a day or two.

It was hard work when they were working, and he had to be on call when not working - so he never new if he was headed out for a day or a week or three weeks.

Bike trip with Cousin Sean and his friend, down
Highway 22X

Studying Hard at a Ski Club party at Cowboys in Calgary.

One time he had to pack up and leave within a few hours.  Most of his work was in the Provost area, although he also worked for a bit near Vimy, close to Pepere's farm.

The good part about the company not being all that busy, was that Spencer was home quite a bit, so we all spent a lot of time on the water with our boat.  The weather this summer was some of the best I can remember.  It did rain quite a bit at night, but the days were calm and hot.

Spencer and Cam
Spencer re-connected with his friend Cam, who used to live just down our road when he was 13 or 14 and Spencer was 11 or 12.  They had a lot of fun then, and Cam enjoys the water and having fun just as much now. Cam was also working on service rigs, but for a different company, and they weren't busy either; so Cam & his girlfriend Britney and his friend Scott were out quite a bit.

We had many wonderful days and evenings out on the water with Spencer, Laura and their friends. Wake Surfing, Wake Boarding, Water skiing, Tubing, just dragging behind the boat in the wake (a new sport invented by Spencer and Cam), or just hanging out.  Often returning to shore only after dark.

Spencer and Laura enjoyed the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose this summer with many friends. When it was all over we learned that Spencer had a new girlfriend - Tara.  

She is a local girl from New Norway, who was in a different circle of friends so Spencer had never met her before.

Obviously the circles overlapped during BVJ.  

Tara's a great girl - and a good sport!

Spencer and Tara

Spencer and his roommates, ready for a Ski Club Halloween Party.

This fall, Spencer headed back to University.

Somehow he ended up with three female room mates.  I think he is enjoying being the man of the house.  

They seem to be getting along well, and Spencer likes that the place is a lot cleaner than what he experienced with his buddies last year!

This year he is a full executive member of the ski club, and is going on all five of their ski trips this year.  As I write this, he is in Lake Louise with 150 other university students.

I am sure they are behaving like ladies and gentlemen, and that there is no alcohol involved. (Who am I kidding...).  

He is still playing volleyball this year, but in a mixed league.  He says it is not very competitive, but that there is lots of beer afterwards.  

Oh ... to be  20 again.......

The "Martini Run" in Kimberly on a
Ski Club trip last year.

Spencer - ready for St. Patrick's day Bus ride to Kimberly - U of C Ski Club Exec...

With Tara still at home in New Norway and Camrose (she is planning on attending Sait next year), Spencer does come home for a lot more weekends this term; which is nice, but then we don't see him much when he is here.  

I can't imagine why he and Tara don't want to spend all their time with Louise and I...  

and just as well that they don't!!


From what we hear, and see on his Facebook page (where we get most of our information about what he is up to, and where I got a lot of the photos for this site), he seems to be having a lot of fun - and somehow he is pulling off great marks too!  He is talking about possibly looking for a job in the Kinesiology field, next summer, but we will see.  That is a long time, and five U of C ski trips away.

Spencer wishes you all a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Spencer still enjoys Wake boarding - but he spent most of his time surfing!

Spencer slashing the wave....

Cam surfing

Cam and Spencer - Sailing the Snark in 2004

Spencer Surfing

Tara Learning to surf!

Ready for another Ski Trip to Kimberly - St. Pat's Day theme...

Spencer on Carter's scooter.

Easter dinner with U of C friends 

Spencer surfing and showing off his Very Cool U of C Ski Club Sun Glasses!

Paintball with cousin Fallon, cousin Devon, Uncle Brian and their friends.

Spencer and his room mates show off their
 Christmas Decorations!

Spencer's room at U of C Residence.

For extra fun - have a look at our Christmas Past !!!

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