Friends and Family
Friends and Family Grandma's 85th A Few Photos Holidays Wetaskiwin Airshow Aunty Cay


Neighbours Viv and Denny help Louise celebrate her 50th Birthday!

Our Neighbour Melanie and her son Eliv going for a ride in the Boat with Spencer and his friends.

Neighbour Dierdra's new Seaplane

Denny lost her husband (and our good friend) Neil last year.  
She sold her house this fall and has moved to Camrose.
We will miss visiting her on her Island in the summer - but hope to still see her often.

Our good friends Neal and Sandy lost their faithful dog Max this year after 13 years.  Reggie is the new member of their family.  He is a husky pup - very active, very smart and into lots of mischief!  He is growing fast, and learning to "Protect the Farm"

Our good friend Bob retired and moved to Camrose with his new dog Tony.  Tony is a spoiled dog who get's four or five walks a day!  We are looking forward to going to Mexico with Bob in January.

Jolee, Shelby and Rhonda - boating at Pelican Point.  We enjoyed our annual July weekend boating with Vern, Rhonda and their family at Pelican Point Campground on Buffalo Lake.
The Farm

Carmen and Bernie - in their Canola Field....

Cousin Taylor on the Quad...

Brother Brian on his "New" quad.

Whiskey - running free at the farm...

Uncle Marc - soccer with the kids...


Devon's girlfriend Caitlyn, Taylor and Carter


The Farm

Devon, Paulette, Brian, Fallon, and Whiskey at the farm.
Neighbour Dennis
turns 60...

Our neighbour Dennis turned 60 this year, and hosted a neighbourhood party to celebrate.

Dennis explaining life to Deirdra

Possibly Dennis and Mike had a little too much rum...

Louise's niece Amy announced her engagment to Kyle last March.  
They will be getting married in Kicking Horse next June
Our friends Chris and Arlene also had some big news this summer.  We were invited to a barbeque to celebarate the marriage of Chris and Arlene's son "little Chris" in Edmonton.  It was a bit of a rainy day, but  Chris was prepared with tarps and gazebo's so the weather didn't matter.  It was great to see everyone again.

Chris's daughter Carrie-Ann also got married this summer, to Jonathan, and was at the BB'Q as well.

We wish "little Chris" and his wife Samantha; and Carrie-Ann and her husband Jonathan, all the best, and very happy lives together.

Chris and Arlene
(Spencer and Liam in the background)

Chris's mother Carie, Carie-Ann and her husband Jonathan

Little Chris, and Sam
Rotary Friendship Exchange from England
This summer, the Wetaskiwin and Camrose Rotary Clubs helped to host a Rotary Friendship Exchange from England.  

5 Couples and two single ladies arrived from England in August and stayed in our area for the first few days before moving on to Grande Prairie, Yellowknife, Jasper and Edmonton.  

Louise and I hosted one couple, Chris and Lesley, from Hope Valley England while our nextdoor neighbours Ron and Viv hosted another couple Ian and Chris from the same area.  On the last evening of their stay with us we jointly hosted a barbeque for all of the exchange couples, their host families, as well as the members of the two Rotary Clubs.  

I think everyone had a lot of fun, and of course, Ron and I had to take them all for rides in our toys....

Chris, Lesley, Ian and Chris
Alberta Breakfast at Ron and Viv's
It is always amazing what close friendships can develop in just a couple of days.  We look forward to corresponding - and maybe even visiting with our new friends in the future.

Neighbour Ron - working his BB'Q

The Feast

Great Food

Neighbour Eliv looks on...

Boat rides with Ted

Float Plane rides with Ron

Ron used his C-180 Float Plane a lot this summer.
Very gracefull as it gently drops to the lake on a calm day.

Uncle Pierre, Lynn, Sean, Amy, and Kyle
Christmas Photo!

The end of another perfect day.....

Friends and Family Grandma's 85th A Few Photos Holidays Wetaskiwin Airshow Aunty Cay

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